Why Buy our Adjustabilisers?

The benefits of learning to ride a bicycle, particularly for our less able children, are many and varied. They are learning a valuable skill enabling them to join in with their friends on a more equal level. They get the benefits of fresh air and exercise, and at the same time, are helping to develop muscle, particularly in areas where they may be weak.

Methods of learning to ride

Are you, or is your child, starting to learn to ride a bicycle? Are you confused as to the different methods of learning to ride? We would suggest you read some of the publications by David Good available on this website for more information on this subject.

One of your first decisions has to be – ‘Do I need stabilisers at all or should I use the scooting method of learning to ride?’

For many able-bodied children the scooting method of learning to ride a bicycle can be the best – they develop their balance skills easily knowing that they can put their feet down should they need to – after all they have no pedals to rest them on! However for children with certain disabilities (for example with balance problems or muscle weakness) this is not such an easy method. They need to learn to balance but also learn to pedal evenly without undue wobble. In these cases stabilisers can be of significant benefit.

Having decided stabilisers might be a good idea which stabilisers should I buy?

You have decided you need bicycle stabilisers and are looking around. You may have checked on various search engines and found our website amongst others selling bicycle stabilisers. You may have seen stabilisers advertised as “adjustable” and yes indeed they are – adjustable vertically to allow for the different sizes of bicycle wheels they may be fitted to. Take a good look at the images of many of the stabilisers advertised and you will see that are not very substantial and don’t look to be easy to fasten securely and solidly to the cycle.

In all these aspects Adjustabilisers are different. They are adjustable vertically as many others are, but they also adjust laterally along the leg of the stabilisers thus reducing the stability offered to the rider gradually and in stages as they become more confident – no other stabilisers do this.

Adjustment of stabiliser wheels

Adjustabilisers are also manufactured with strength and stability in mind. They attach to the frame (not the rear axle) and they are fastened to the horizontal chainstay and diagonal seat stay tubes using very strong clamps. the wheels are heavy duty and are fastened to the stabilisers using a strong assembly with a double locking mechanism (split pin AND starlock fasteners.)

Take a look at the images below and compare the apparent strength and quality.

Competition Stabilisers
Cheaper Stabilisers

Adjustabiliser’s strong clamping system
and wheel assembly

What are the benefits?

By reducing the stability imparted by the stabilisers in stages, the rider is able to build confidence safe in the knowledge they will not fall off if they wobble a little too much. Don’t just take our word for it – see our reviews which speak for themselves.