Standard Adjustabilisers

Photo of Standard Adjustabilisers
Standard adjustablisers with stabiliser
wheels at outer and mid lateral positions

  • Will fit nearly any bicycle including most geared bicycles with conventional rigid (non sprung) frames*
  • Continuous horizontal stabiliser wheel adjustment within range
  • Maximum useful pre – assembly of parts to ease installation
  • Continuous vertical adjustment for space under stabiliser wheels or use provided
    clips for easy accurate standard space setting
  • Strong, durable and good quality

Based on our 2007 bicycle survey.

Standard Adjustabilisers – fit nearly any 14″ to 20″ (36cm to 51cm) diameter wheeled bicycle. Suitable for riders up to 6 stone (84 lbs) (40kg) in weight.

UK price £69 delivered

for other countries in Europe see purchasing page

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