Large Adjustabilisers

Picture of Large Adjustabilisers

Large adjustablisers with stabiliser wheels
at outer lateral positions

  • Will fit nearly any bicycle including most geared bicycles with conventional rigid (non sprung) frames
    Continuous horizontal stabiliser wheel adjustment within range.
    Maximum useful pre – assembly of parts to ease installation
    Continuous vertical adjustment for space under stabiliser wheels or use provided clips for easy accurate standard space setting
    Strong, durable and good quality
    Saves helpers much effort in helping a child or adult learn to balance
    As featured in “Sport and Leisure” an equipment handbook published by the Disability Information Trust of the UK (Tel. 01865 – 227596)

Tricycles tend to be very expensive and many children regard them as too embarrassing to ride.

* Based on our 2007 bicycle survey.

Large Adjustabilisers – fit nearly any 16″ to 28″ (40 to 72cm)
diameter wheeled bicycle.

Suitable for riders up to 12 stone (170 lbs) (80kg) in weight.
(Similar to Standard Adjustabilisers but larger and stronger).

UK price £84 delivered

for other countries in Europe see purchasing page

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